7B and a Fat Lady

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 19 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

Well, after much fanageling, I finally got on a flight to Denver. Originally, I was going to fly standby, but the flights were pretty much booked solid. So I used some airline points and got a ticket…next to a fat lady. For all those who don’t know, seat 7B on a 737-300 is the center seat on the left side of the plane. On United, it also happens to be an Economy Plus seat with 17″ of width. This lady was obviously larger then that. She easily extended at least 4 inches into my space (reducing it down to 13″). Her thigh was at least one and a half times bigger then my head. Furthermore, I couldn’t put my arm rest down which prevented me from reclining my seat. The list does go on and I have to admit that times I just wanted to “fall asleep” and plop my head on to her gushy arm…and then start drooling and refuse to wake up until we landed. To some of you (perhaps persons with a BMI over 30) might find this cruel. And it would be cruel if fat people could not control their weight. Yes, I know that some of it is genetics; but I’m talking about the REALLY large people who obviously eat $25 dollars worth on the dollar menu. A poll on Forbes.com shows that 51% of people polled think that airlines should “charge the obese full price for every seat they take up.” I couldn’t agree more. Southwest airlines has had a policy like that in place for almost 25 years. Anyways, at least I’m in Colorado now, although the weather is sucking pretty bad right now. I move in on Friday. Oh crap…