Today was the first day of Day Camp. Four more to go. I am completely exhausted. Unlike last week, which went by at sub-snail pace, this week should be over pretty quick. Unfortunately, that brings me one week closer to the end of summer, ergo beginning of school. On the bright side, I have managed to track down everyone from Billings. We should be getting together soon and that should be lots of fun. In other news, Annie Mesaros left for Romania today. Jeff Staples leaves for Russia in a week or so.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Well, I can say that today, Jack wasn’t dull. We woke up at 5:15am so that we, The BS, could head up to Whidbey Island to work at the Palmer’s place. Most of the work was related to painting the stairs or taking out various thorny plants. However, the food was absolutely splendid. I’m going to sleep now.

I really hate thinking about college

I really hate thinking about college. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to college, because I am. I am so pumped. It just requires such a paradigm shift. A shift I haven’t experienced a long time over 4 years. A shift that bring backs so many memories that I don’t want to consider. However, in many ways, this shift will be new. I have closed a chapter in my life that took 18 years, 4 months, and 8 days to write and opening a new chapter that should hopefully be open only for 5 years…maybe 6.

I keep going over specific events in my head from the last 4 years. Odyssey Trip, Spring Days, Sound of Music, Crazy Wayne, Tyler’s class, Track, Vocal Revue, How to Succeed, Canyon Lands. Where I’ve been and where I am now are so far apart…it’s incredibly hard to comprehend. I don’t want to let go. In many way’s, I won’t let go.

Reconnecting with old friends

I spent most of today tracking down people from my 8th grade class at Billings Middle School today. The project was really all Ted Kalmus’s idea. He suggested that I try and find out where everyone is. Well Ted, I did…almost. I tracked down everybody except for two people. It also sounded like everyone I talked to was excited that I was reconnecting with them and would very interested in getting together sometime this summer. I would like that. I wonder what my High School reunion will be like…that’s really scary. This is who I’ve found so far: Status of Billings Alumni.

Big Antenna

I was driving to SAAS to drop of some stuff and saw this tiny little car with this fricking huge antenna and thought it just might be worth writing about. Don’t mind the white blurry part, that’s just a crack in my windshield. Seeing as I was driving, it’s not like I could actually look at the viewfinder to see what I was shooting. I just sort of pointed it in the general direction and took the shoot. So there, I wrote about.

In other news, I stopped by Molly Brown Temps to show them my passport for the W-9 form. That means that I am official employed as a temp worker which means that…well, I’m not quite sure what the means. On the way to school, I saw Britney, a SAAS graduate of the class of ’04 (i.e. my classmate), and said high. Yesterday was her birthday…Happy Birthday Britney. I also say 50 First Dates; it was actually a pretty funny movie.

I got a job…sort of

I interviewed at Molly Brown Temp today. I knew about them becuase they supplied subsitute teachers for SAAS. Anyways, it looks pretty promising. Pay starts at about $10/hour and I have the opportunity to work at several different companies, so I think that will be great. The downside is that they don’t have a lot of work, so we’ll see how many jobs I get, if any.

3D Images using Tachyons

I was watching Bicentennial Man and this one scene comes on where Andrew Martin (Robin Williams) is chatting with Richard Martin (Sam Neill). Andrew, being a robot, is projecting a dancing scene from the wedding. Anyways, I got to thinking how once might actually go about designing a holographic display system. I began to think about photons and how I could make them emit light without actually hitting anything. Then I thought about sound and it all clicked together. When an object accelerates past the speed of sound, it makes a sonic boom. I reasoned that a similar effect would happen if a particle accelerated past the speed of light. Now some of you may be saying, “But Andrew, nothing can go faster then the speed of light!” Well, not necessarily. There is a hypothetical particle called a Tachyon that goes faster then the speed of light. If such a particle actual does exist, it should allow the creation of holograms. Here’s the idea:

Using a system similar to an electron gun, tachyons are emitted towards the target location. Each tachyon particle is transmitted at a different speed that is just slightly faster then the speed of light. After a certain distance, based on the initial speed of the tachyon, the tachyon will pass below the speed of light, thus creating a “light boom.” The initial speed of the tachyon determines how far the tachyon will travel before “booming.” This allows the creation of three dimensional objects. The tachyons color will be dependent on the frequency of the tachyon.

In any event, it’s just an idea based on what I know and it may be completely wrong. However, the idea and the process and anything else related to the display, transmission, and/or creation of holographic images as mentioned above is � copyright 2004 by Andrew Ferguson. All Rights Reserved.

And I thought it couldn’t get any better

Some of you may remember an incident a few months back when Jeff Staples went to Tolo. Long story short, a few of us guys got together and completely wrapped his date’s car in pallet wrapping plastic. It took about an hour and we got it all on film. I just happened to have saved a frame from the video in My Pictures folder. I found it a couple weeks back and submitted it to Obviously they liked it Correct link:

Ted Kalmus

I didn’t know what else to call this blog, so i just labeled it Ted Kalmus. Who is Mr. Kalmus? Ted is my old 8th grade teacher, one of a few who have joined the ranks of teachers I truely enjoyed learning from. And not because they were easy, mind you. No, Ted is part of an elite group of teachers that strive to making learning fun, but don’t skimp on the educational aspect, nor make it easy to pass. These teachers gave me many of the tools I have needed for life. Others in this category include Edwin (1st grade), Mrs. Vos (2nd/3rd grade), Mrs. Shy. (5th grade), Michael (6th/7th), and Haj (9th-12th grade). Anyways, I had coffee with Ted today and that was fun. We talked about college
and school and where other Billings Alumni were and even a little business. It’s teachers like Ted that make you want to be a teacher yourself.

Poked, Prodded, and Pricked

I went in for my physical today. You know, that biennial exam where you get to breathe deeply a few times and then cough. Anyways, being that I’m off to college, I needed to get my medical exam to ensure the fact that I, in fact, do not have any diseases. They also thought it might be funny if gave me a small amount of TB. I have to stop back in on Saturday to see if I reacted.

Alec Turnbull gave me a call today. It sounds like we might start up a company this summer. I won’t release any other details until we have our meeting on Saturday.