Dead Panic / Senior Project: Day 3

So prom is pretty much just 36 hours away…and that has put me into a dead panic. I really have no reason to be in a panic…maybe I’m just excited. Hmm…I’ll have to ponder that one for a little while. In any event, work on the Mexico 2004 slide show continues and it is lookin’ good…in fact, it’s looking excellent! This has to be one of the best mexico videos ever!

Today, er, yesterday (Thursday), I started out by tapping the gas tank on robot 2 and installing a drain. I then reasseblembeled the engine and put some screws into the drive shaft to hold the brake and the gear in place. Then I began work on a new power supply unit. That was acutally really fun. I got to create my own layout and drill some aluminium to mount the 4 power control units and 4 capacitors to. I will probably spend another 2 or 3 hours on that project tomorrow.

Today: 5 hrs
This week: 10 hrs 
10 hrs

Everthing just seems to fall into place / Senior Project: Day 2

Prom prepartations are pretty much just falling into place. The corsage is order and all that is left is to figure out the transportation issue. That should be resolved by today though.

Yesterday I finished the computer rack and put the computers in it. We recieved a shipment of circut boards, so we had to go to the machine shop to cut them up into their individual boards. We used a very cool drill press. Setting up took forever, but the cuts were perfect. I started working on installing the tap into the gas tank on the second robot so that we can drain the gas when we’re done running it. I was able to take off the gas tank before I had to leave. Today I hope to finish that project and then start working on cutting some wheel wells for robot one.

Today: 3 hrs
This week: 5 hrs 
5 hrs

What a day! / Senior Project: Day 1

Wow. This was one heck of a Tuesday. Starting at about 3, we starting receiving quite a bit of hail. And then the wind kicked up. We lost power at about 6ish. I went to go get my tux and I had to take 2 different detours because of trees falling and blocking the entire roadway. I was able to get my tux from the Mens Warehouse, and I have to say that the service I received was exceptionally excellent. The person helping me, Richard, was very helpful. They defiantly have will have my business again. So yea, tux is done, that just leaves corsage and transportation. So back is the power outage. I arrived home at about 8:30 to find that we didn’t have any power. The first thing I thought was Hmmm, fun. Then I realized AAAAhhhhhh no TV!!! I can’t watch 24! But if any of you know me, I usually don’t take no for an answer…at least the first time. So I hooked the inverter up to the van and ran an extension cord from the front of the house where the car was to the back of the house where the TV was. I plugged the TV and DirecTV receiver into the cord turned them on. And voila! It worked! So I got to watch the last 40 minutes of 24 and that was cool.

Now for the Senior Project. As part of the Senior Project, I am required to keep some sort of log of my work. I thought this would be a good spot to keep it. So here goes! This was the first day of my Senior Project. I arrived at about 8:30 and waited for a little while. I had neglected to find out what time Andy was getting there, so I headed up to UPC for about 45 minutes. When I returned about 10:30, I found Andy in his office. He outlined the plan for the next few days and then I got started. Today I was moving some of the work benches around to make the room more efficient. I also started working on assembling the server rack. I left at 12:30 to go to ballet at school.

Today: 2 hrs
This week: 2 hrs
Total: 2 hrs

The latest on Prom / Senior Project: Day 0

Prom plans are going pretty well. We have dinner all set and I have my tux and the corsage all lined up and ready to execute. Transportation is still in the works, but I’m not too worried about it. We don’t currently have any post-prom activities planned, but I’m sure something will come up.

As for Senior Project, all I can say is that it’s about time. I’ve been tired of school for some time and now I’m done, for the sake of argument. Today is Day 0 of the project. I starting working tomorrow, but I had a meeting at school just to make sure everyone is on the same page.

solved, n; to find a solution, explanation, or answer for a problem

For the third time, I finally have a date to prom. But I think that this one will really work out. She goes to my school and wants to go…and was somewhat actively looking for someone to go with, so I would highly doubt if it wouldn’t work out. That makes 1/7. One for seven you say? Ah yes, number 6. I asked number six last night. I already knew the answer before I asked, but the question had to be asked. Also, a really good friend of mine offered to let me use his Beamer. I think I’m going to take him up on the offer. So, Tickets: check; Date: check; Vehicle: check. All that’s left? Pre and post prom activities and a tux. The tux should be done by the end of today and I have a good line on some possible pre prom restaurants. I have no clue on post prom stuff…ideas anyone?

Oh, by the way, I only have, oh, 3 hours or so of school left…for the entire year.

Link of the Day:

suc·cess: n; favorable or desired outcome

My Mexico group had a get together yesterday. We were playing Spoons and I wrote a note and taped it to one of the cards and made sure that it was passed on to the person I wanted to ask to prom. She was defiantly confused when she got the note taped to the card, but she gave me a conditional yes. Conditional because she has a tennis tournament in Yakima and she doesn’t know when she’s going to get back, so she’s going to check on that and get back to me.

On another note, I’ve been thinking more and more about colllege. Especially since I only have 2.5 days of school left before I start my internship at the UW. Anyways, it has been more this, “Oh Fu**! I’m going to college in Colorado.” It’s not bad feeling; more of an anxious feeling, a feeling that causes one to forget to breathe. I’ve been practically living in the same place for the last 18 years and now it all has to change.

…and make that 4

Chalk another one up on the list of rejections. Although it really wasn’t a
rejection, it was more of a, “Oh, how sweet. But you’re in High School and I’m a
college Sophmore.” Anyways, there are a few more people on the list that I have
to figure out.

The search continues

After a few days of contemplating, I think I’ve got a new prom list that will
work. If not…well, I’m really hoping this will work. I finally watched Kill Bill, Vol. 1. I really can’t
wait to see Kill Bill, Vol. 2
now. It was incredibly exsesivly violent with lots of blood spewing all over the
place, but there was so much of it and it was done in such an incredibly
unrealistic manner that I hardly consider it worth debating. I also watched Matchstick Men, which also also
increadibly excellent, especially Nicholas Cage’s twitching.

Go straight to Square One, do not pass Go, do not collect $200

So that “hopfully temporary” problem is not so temporary. I won’t name names, but in short, my dates mother had some objections. In short, society still has negative views of senior males and freshmen females. If you ask anybody who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m farther from that sterotype than democrats and republicans, but the fact still remains that I could be setting a precident for my date. Do I like it? Of course not. Do I understand and accept it, yes.

But fear not! I have a plan…and hopefully it will work! As always, only time will tell.