A sense of completeness

Well, Andy and Julia were married today at approximately 1:40pm PST. Afterwords, I felt an unusual sense of completeness, that I had done whatever I needed to do and that I could begin working on whatever I needed to work on next. There’s no telling about what my job was that I complete or what I will work on next, but it feels good. The world feels good. Mr. and Mrs. Collins are heading to Mexico for about the next week or so. All I can really say is Happy Honeymooning and thanks for letting me be a part of you life and your wedding.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Ferguson[sig]

Times are a changin’

This past week has been rather busy. However, it has also given me a chance to reflect about the past four years the next four to six years. On Friday, I was able to spend a day at CSM and unless CSM falls off the face of the Earth, or CalPolybecome non-traditional, or Caltech suddenly becomes less liberal, Golden, Colorado will be my next stop. Then on Monday and Tuesday, the entire Senior class went to Camp Burton to discus graduation at Meany Hall. That sort of set into motion the idea that there really is only a limited time left. I think that changed the entire attitude of the Senior class. And now today, I’m working on the slide show for one of my buddies who’s getting married in 3 days!! So much has happened, is happening, and will happen over the few months, it’s going to be amazing. The farthest event that I’ve put on my calendar is starting college and that’s only 6 months away or so. I’m not even out of high school. Between now and then I have to:

  • Andy and Julia’s Wedding
  • Ski @ Whistler
  • Hike @ Canyonlands
  • Build @ Mexico
  • Finish School
  • Senior Project @ UW
  • Work on Graduation
  • Upgrade the Server Hardware
  • Upgrade the Server to W2K3 Server
  • Figure out long term plans for fergcorp.com and andrewferguson.net
  • Configure the entire network to either run by itself or remotely from my dorm in Colorado
  • Graduate
  • Say Goodbye
  • Day Camp
  • Clean my room
  • Pack
  • Go to Shasta
  • Migrate to Colorado

…among other things. And that’s just the major stuff I can think of right now. I’m almost afraid to blink my eyes because everything is going to pass by so fast. Ack.

Feeling the pressure

So while I didn’t have an ear infection, the doctor did say that I had fluid in the middle part of my right ear, more specificly, the Eustachian Tube. When there was a pressure change, the tube could not open

Colds, College Trips, and Ear Infections, oh my!

Interestingly enough, all three things I mentioned above fit together. About a week ago, I developed a pretty bad cold. By Wednesday the cold was in full swing and I had to fly to Colorado for a college tour. Well, living in Seattle at an elevation of about 30 feet above sea level, I had to equalize my ear. This happened to be bad. I assume that some of fluid from my cold leaked into the middle chamber of my right ear where it had the chance to grow some more bacteria and become a ear infection…I think. I called the nurses hotline (not the 900 number one, the real nurses hotline) and then scheduled an appointment for the doc first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll see if I get this one right.

The past few days

The past few days have been rather hectic. On Monday and Tuesday, I went in for some spiffy brain scanning called SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) which involves the intravenious injection of Technium-99, a gamma emiting agent often used in nuclear medicene with a half-life of just 6 hours. The Technium flows to certain parts of the brain where the SPECT machine can detect it. Results should be back within a few weeks.

Then on Wednesday, I finally got my cell phone fixed. Funny story there, I had been to the Verizon store in South Center. One of the sales person their said that I was eligle to upgrade and would recieve $100 of the phone if I signed a new 2 year contract (my contract had just expired less then 2 weeks ago). However, I had to wait for my father becuase he was the one paying the bills. It makes complete sense and I had no complaints. So then the sales person puts a little note in the computer system saying that I’m eligble for the $100 rebate and that I just needed my father. Since my dad was Chicago at the time, I him call Verizon and say that it was okay for my mother to be present. We went into the Downtown store and the sales rep tells us that since I’m a second line on my mothers cellphone plan, I don’t qualify for the rebate. We tell him the entire story, he goes and looks in the database and bam…free phone. So Verizon pretty much gained some very good points in my book, at least enough to talk about them.

I get the phone, go to the airport, catch my 11am flight to Colorado on a 777. That was fun. I have pictures and will upload them as soon as I get a chance.

Then today I went to Colorado School of Mines, and toured the campus, again. I got to talk with one of the prof’s. Tomorrow I get to follow a student around for the whole day. That should prove to be exciting.

Hey ya!

Hey ya!

I’m not what you would call a contempory music aficionado. Most of what I listen to is based on what other people play and what I happen to like. However, I know nothing about who plays what and what band members are in what group and soforth. I have heard Hey Ya, the latest hit from OutKast. I also, by random chance, watched the Andre 3000 perfom the song at the Grammy’s the other week. Today, however, it appears that Native American’s are launching an attack against CBS, OutKast, Arista, and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. I’m thinking, “What they heck are you complaing about??” It so happened that OutKast’s little dance routine used war paint, feathers, and fringe. Now you’ve really got to be joking.  Do you think I would get upset if someone were to drink grape juice, or wine, and eat bread in a music video? No! (I’m refering to communion. Grape juice is typically subsitiuted for wine, the blood of Christ) Why? Becuase those things are not specific to my religion and are in public domain, just like fringe, paint, and feathers. Perhaps the only case anyone has is using war paint, but even that is crap. If you want to after someone for using war paint, then you better go after every Major League Baseball player who uses paint under their eyes. “Tom Bee, an Albuquerque record producer and musician…was particularly angered that the dancers who accompanied Benjamin wore feathers, a sacred symbol for Natives.” Yea…you’ve definatly got to be kidding me.

That’s just scary!

I was working on adding some meta tags to my website and happened to be a TerraServer.com so I could get the lat/long coordinates for my house. When I went to get them, I noticed that TerraServer had some new pictures taken in ’02. So I looked at them. And, yea…they were awesome. 1/2 meter color resolution. It was absolutely fantastic. Anyways, click on the roofs of the houses below and try to figure out which one is mine.


I saw an add for respectcopyrights dot org while watching 24, which I had TiVoed so I could watch it today. Anyways, there’s this add for respectcopyrights dot org which I’m all for…usually. There are certain instances when copyrights are really just plain stupid, for example, the Disney/Mickey Mouse incident. Back to the main point: the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) is claiming that people stealing movies is bad for them. Well, yes, it is. Studios lose millions of dollars on every film because of pirates and don’t take me wrong, I’m not advocating pirating. However, the MPAA has severe issues with their claims and, to me, it feels like the MPAA is putting up a
facade. The MPAA has 4 main claims:

Cheating ourselves, threatening the livelihood
of thousands, making our computer ulerable, and breaking the law. For the
first claim, the MPAA says: Only 4 out of 10 films turn a profit. If people
the films for free and the Studios can’t recoup their investment, they may
not be
able to make the big summer movies we all enjoy so much; the TITANICs, the
SPIDER-MANs, the JURASSIC PARKs. So, not only will the creators lose, in the
end, you, the consumer, will end up with fewer choices at the

I don’t know about you, but I think fewer choices would be good. There are reasons that 40% of all films don’t turn a profit…it’s called sucking! If studios stopped making bad films, they wouldn’t loose as much money. Claim two:

But, when movies are illegally downloaded from the Internet,
these are the people that suffer the most.
It’s the woman who does the make-up,
the guy who rigs the lighting,
the sound technician,
the costume designer,
the set decorator
and the caterer.

What a load of crap. As far as I know, studios are in the business for profit. That means that all the above listed people get paid a flat amount for the work they do. Some actors, directors, and produces might get a percentage of the profits, but everybody else doesn’t. If the MPAA really wants to be fair, how about implementing equal wages across the board. Once every single person on the set gets the same salary and has somesort of profit sharing plan, then the MPAA can bring that topic up. The last two claims fall into the category of scare tactics. Yes, you could download a virus but you probably have anti-virus software…and if you don’t then your stupid, SOL, and probably shouldn’t be even using a computer. If you fall into this category, let me know and I’ll be more than willing to take that computer off your hands. The legal mombo-jumbo is pretty acurate, although somewhat missleading. Most ISP’s try their best to keep customer information private. Take Verizon suing the RIAA. Yep, in a turn of events “Verizon sued the RIAA for citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (PDF) as a way to subpoena ISPs for the names of their subscribers.” (Wired.com, 2004). And for those who have highspeed access at home, work, or school, don’t worry too much about getting caught. While work and school most likely track who’s using what IP address at what time, those logs won’t stick around for long. It’s too much datajstorage for something too mundane to track. At home, if you have more than one computer connected to the internet, it’s almost impossible for the MPAA to determine what computer was used to download movies illegally without actually having access to the computer itself. And if you notice, I didn’t actually link to respectcopyrights dot org, this was done on purpose. As Verbal might say, “A litte FU from me to the MPAA.”

*Sigh*, I feel a wee bit better know. I know that was long, but it was worth it. In other news, I’m heading off to Colorado next week for 4 some days. I’ll be touring a few colleges, so expect some pictures when I get back. Perhaps the coolest part of the entire trip will be flying to Denver on a 777. I’m so excited!

One Last Trip to Mexico

Every year, for the past 3 years, I have gone on a mission trip to Mexico with my church youth group. The youth group is for high schoolers, and as I am a senior, this will be my last trip down to Mexico. However, I didn’t realize how much I will miss going down to Mexico until today. We had our meeting to find out who was in our group and it was great fun. I started to think about all the fun stuff we get to do in Mexico, especially the small things. This year will be the best year yet…of course I always say that about everything.

What happens if I don’t think?

So here I am, working on physics homework and I’m thinking about Descartes. More particularly, his statement “I think therefore I am.” Nothing entirely unusual. In my course of everyday activities, I often take human conundrums and apply them to computer issues and “I think therefore I am” is no exception to this rule. However, take the inverse of his statement: “I don’t think therefore I am not” which basically asks the question, If one does not think, does one cease to exist? If this is true, does one cease to exist merely for the time one is not thinking or does one disappear forever? Not that this has ever been an issue for me, my mind has always been going somewhere around a mile a minute…well really much faster than that, but you get the idea. I better get back to physics now, perhaps I’ll calculate the radial acceleration of electrons in the brain.