I turned 18, I smoked a cigar, I am a man

So I turned 18 today. Shouldn’t be a big surprise for those of you who have visited the site anytime in the last few weeks and saw the countdown clock. Anyways, I had a great party…actually, I’m still having the party. But yes, Jeff Staples gave me a cigar, he turned 18 last Saturday, and I smoked it…or some of it. But it really wasn’t that good. So when I next go to Canada, I’ll have to get myself a Cuban or something nice like that.

Why looking at the web log is funny

I finally got around to installing and configuring the server log viewer. I’m trying some new software this time, AWStats. Thus far, I like it a lot. However, I have been noticing some funny things. No, the software is working just fine. I’m talking about search strings used to find my website. For the month of January, the top keyphrase used was…”prom pictures” with 27.9% (61 hits). What the hell? I know I have a few prom pictures on the site, but that many hits? Other notable keyphrases delt with Titus Andronicus, 1984, Pictures from el Salvador, EPA regulations on vehicles, Clockwork Orange, and paideia definition. And another thing. I believe AFdN set a new site record with a total of 3.78 GB of data transferd (bandwidth) for the month of January (which still isn’t over yet!). 90% of that was from WMV files. However, I’m sure that was just an anomoly for this month. I added quite a few videos and I have been testing some new streaming software protocals. By the way, for December, the most common keyphrase was “fergcorp” followed by “fireworks video.” Total about of bandwidth? A mere 238.32 MB.

Virus attack continues

I have recieved over 64 emails in the past 8 hours that are infected with the W32.Novarg.A@mm or W32/Mydoom@MM virus. Funny thing is, they are all coming from 128.95.229.xxx (last octet concealed for privacy) which is the University of Washington.

W32.Novarg.A@mm or W32/Mydoom@MM

At 02:41 PM I recieved an email from someone at the University of Washington. Nothing unusual, except A) I didn’t know this person; and B) The email had an attachment. I figured that it was a virus and so I ran a virus scan, nothing…the file was “clean.” After viewing the content of the file in a quanantined environment, I determined that it had a very high probablility of being a virus. And I was right. The latest virus threat is Novarg or Mydoom, depending on if you use Norton or McAfee, and this is wild one. In the past few years, I have recieved very few virus over email. However, in the last 3 hours,  I have recieved over 25 emails containing the virus. Fortunatly, only the first email made it though before a virus update was issued. My mail server promptly downloaded it and started disinfecting messages.

To learn more about the virus:

And please, update your antivirus.


Such a long week…but not

This last week has been perhaps one of the longest weeks in my life, especially weird considering it only lastedr 3 days. Finials were pretty much a non-event, Wednesday marked the half-way point of Senior year. That pretty much means I have about 5 weeks of “real” school left.

Guess who’s back…back again? Deep Blue’s back!

I finally got my computer (aka Deep Blue) back on Friday and just moments ago I got it all restored. Woo-hoo. I also made a ghost backup so future restoration will be much faster. I’m sooo excited. However, I am also mad at myself. There was nothing really wrong with the computer, it was just my mini PCI wifi card went belly up. This caused the motherboard to lockup because it was trying to poll the device, but not getting back the correct response (if any response at all). Further testing on Tuesday will determine if it is indeed the wifi card. If so, I will be getting a new one, probably a 802.11g. If not, I need to figure out exactly what the problem is and get it fixed. I suppose if the mini PCI slot was disfunctional, that would cause the same problem.

Hitting a wall

After almost three weeks of Christmas Break (officially called Winter Break), we finally went back to school today. I was really looking forward to school, but then I had English class. Ugh, I hate English, actually make that Romantic Literature. English is fine, for the most part, but I am not what you would call even remotely romantic…to any degree. So now I want to go back on vacation. On the plus side, the Vocal Concert is almost here (I’m singing in it). Expect pictures from that sometime Sunday night or Monday morning…hopefully.

Snow Day!!

Yesterday was a snow day. I had quite a bit of fun playing in the snow. I also ended up watching cars slip and slide as they drove up our hill. When I get my computer back in 13 days, I’ll upload them.

Today was a Slush Day. School was cancelled, again. Woo-hoo!