Peter Walchenbach’s Boundaries

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 17 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

I began work on a new joint venture project between myself and Peter. Essentially, it’s a Warren Miller Film. Is it a knock-off. No. I would say more of a tribute. The guys is genius, from his poetic narriation to his artistic camera work. This project will be totally unique. I won’t say much more now except that it will be about Boundaries, and it’s going to be cool. Really quite incredibly mind blowing awsomly cool.


2 thoughts on “Peter Walchenbach’s Boundaries”

  1. We should make this happen next weekend. Alpental is closed all week, and should be epic by Saturday. Check out the video from yesterday, . You should fly up this weekend and we can go shoot at alp, we may be able to make a full video off one weekend if it is anything like last weekend. P.S. can you find a way to DL that video so I can store it on my comp?

  2. I agree that we should make this movie happen. But this weekend is not going to be it; mostly because this weekend is EDays which I would very hard pressed to miss, even for the world.

    To download the video, just go to the bottom of page and look for the “Download Playing” link. You’ll be able to download the FLV file there. FLV is new video format that all the cool kids are using (YouTube and Facebook use it as well). I know it will play if you use VLC Media Player, but I’m not sure what else on a Mac will play it. I’d imagine that QuickTime should be able to handle it though.

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