New ideas, new updates….aren’t we lucky

I have a novel idea, instead of making an announcement in the “blog” section everytime I add or update a page, I’ll just add a little “Updated” icon next to the link in the menu. But then I thought to myself, that requires work…and if you know me at all, I really don’t like to work at all. So I’m going to build it into the PHP and mySQL code. Everytime I make an update, a date stamp will be added. Then for the next week, an icon will show up next to the link. How cool is that? I’ve written the code yet, but I will. In fact, I plan on making a page dedicated to the code I write, including snipits of code YOU can use.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the “Andrew” page. You should check it out, it’s really kind of funny.

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