Mars closer then ever? Not quite!

As you may have already heard, Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been in the last 59,619 years. Everybody was touting how if you looked up towards the sky at 2:51am PST, you would be seeing Mars at its closest point to Earth. Well, everybody was wrong.

At this point, you may think that I might be referencing the fact that the time should really be 2:51 and 14 seconds, or something like that. But no, NASA, as well as a majority of news reports incorrectly stated the time by over 3 minutes.

Three minutes!! How could a fallacy this great come about? Well, it’s very simple. Almost everybody forgot to account for time dilation, that is, the amount of time it takes light to travel from Mars to Earth. At 34.6 million miles away, it takes light an astounding 186.02 seconds to travel to Earth (34,600,000/186,000 ≈ 186.02). So unless you were looking towards the sky at 2:54.06 am PST, you missed out.

Don’t fret, Mars will perigee in another 2287 years.

1000 emails

Graphing is cool. Especially when you extrapolate data from it. Graphs are also cool when you graph useless information with them, such as how many emails I get per a month. Or how many emails I send per a month. Or both! So that’s what I did. I graphed the amount of email I’ve gotten per a month since 1998. And no, I’m not joking you. I’ve saved almost every single email since 1998. Many of you know this, most of you don’t. In case your worried about privacy issues, don’t. My computer is secured behind a firewall…with all data encncrypted. Now for the results!

This is  how many emails I’ve gotten. As you can see the trend line is going UP! Within the next year or so, I should be recieving upwards of 1000 emails per month. This does not include SPAM or newsletters or automated emailings. 99.5% of these emails are from real people. This does not include my school account, which I don’t use at all, except for inter-school emails. Click on the image to see a bigger, more readable version.

Updates, changes, and more updates!

So I realized that I forget to post info about my trip. Well, my trip was good. Great in fact. The server flop like it did last year. I had a great time, got a sun tan burn. Went water skiing and tubing. Went to Elitches and Water World. Pictures will be posted soon.

Now on to some other things. I’ve edited some of the content, taking out items that I didn’t care for anymore, mostly because they were old. I also took the liberty of revamping some of the graphics.  So really minor things here and there.

As a note for people you are interested in web development, or more specifically Content Managment Systems (CMS), I’ve finally completed my version. If your interested in using it, let me know!

Operation: Crimson Hat

Previously know as Operation: Red Hat, this is the next step. I have successfully installed SHRIKE, aka Red Hat Linux 9, as the second OS on my Toshiba Laptop, the primary OS being Windows XP. Also, the goals of RH/CH have changed. Instead of migrating to use only Red Hat, the goal is now to have Windows XP and Red Hat live and work together in unison, providing me with the best of both worlds. Thus far, I have been successful, installing a the NTFS patch for Red Hat.