So far so good / Ouch

So far the computer has been faring my vacation pretty well. I’ve been having fun here in Colorado. I went paintballing (see Part II of this post) the other day and had a great time. Perhaps the only downside thus far would be my vomit attack. I was feeling queesy all day and then…BAM! BAM! BAM! I vomited 3 times…missing the any sort of containment device each time. I figured it could be one of four things:

1) The Flu

2) Food poisining

3) West Nile Virus

4) E coli

I figured it was most likely #2 becuase it was onle a 24 epidemic. 1, 3, and 4 would have lasted much longer than 24 hours.


So I went paintballing the other other day up at my family’s land in Estes Park. I had great fun shooting people and giving them rather large welts. However, it was only my own welts that I have captured for now. Perhaps I will be able to post the other later. Have fun.

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