July 2003

So far so good / Ouch

So far the computer has been faring my vacation pretty well. I’ve been having fun here in Colorado. I went paintballing (see Part II of this post) the other day and had a great time. Perhaps the only downside thus far would be my vomit attack. I was feeling queesy all day and then…BAM! BAM! BAM! I vomited 3 times…missing the any sort of containment device each time. I figured it could be one of four things:

1) The Flu

2) Food poisining

3) West Nile Virus

4) E coli

I figured it was most likely #2 becuase it was onle a 24 epidemic. 1, 3, and 4 would have lasted much longer than 24 hours.


So I went paintballing the other other day up at my family’s land in Estes Park. I had great fun shooting people and giving them rather large welts. However, it was only my own welts that I have captured for now. Perhaps I will be able to post the other later. Have fun.


New content

I’ve added some new content. In the meantime, I’m bolstering the computer for my vacation. I hope I don’t have a repeat of last year:

08-27-2002 12:00 AM – Shot to hell!!! WHY?!?!?

I leave for a month and a half and when I come back, everthing is shot to hell. I do sincerley appologize for the server being down. I was going mad. I believe that the power, for whatever reason, was cut off and the computer rebooted. So when I got back, I tried to fix it, but no such luck. So I switch the Compaq back the HP which, thankfully, had a backup copy of website. So here I am, computers running, Compaq is in the trash and I’m finially able to get back down to the basics.


E-mail? The French beg to differ

From: http://msn.com.com/2100-1105_2-1027357.html?part=msn&subj=ns_1027357&tag=msn_home

The latest Anglicism to fall out of favor in France is the word “e-mail,” now banned from use by government employees.

The word “e-mail” can now no longer be used in French official communication, including documents, memos, the internet and even e-mails themselves.

The General Commission on Terminology and Neology, part of the French Culture Ministry and affiliated to the Academie Francaise–which outlawed the word “Walkman” in favor of “baladeur” some years ago–prefers the French alternative “courriel.”

And we wonder why the French don’t win any wars?


No more preg_replace

I decided that I didn’t want a preg_replace feature. For all the benefits that it offered, it would be to hard to maintain the array of information it had to store. It would also consume quite a bit of processing power per a page request.


Testing reg_replace

I’ve added a new feature. It’s designed to help highlight keywords that have http links to other websites. Basically, large brand names and such. So far the list is very, very small. Just: Microsoft, IBM, PHP, ASP, mySQL, Star Trek, Lucent, SSI, HTML, Flash, Macromedia, and Xbox. See how those are all links? Well, I didn’t put the HTML code there, the computer did, with the aid of PHP. That also highlights a second issue I have to work out, I only want it to replace each word once in a document. No sense in having the word replace multiple times. We’ll see to what degree I can get it to work. I’m sure there is already a version out there I can use.


General Housekeeping

I did some general house keeping, helping the site reflect more of who I am. So I took some general stuff off, such as the “Guys Rules” article and the “Plane Sayings”. I am also going to add some more content soon.

I added a “Printer Friendly” button to the bottom of the page. I’m still refining it slightly, but it works very nicely.



This is the follow up to “When good sparklers go bad”. As promised, I have put the video up!. Note: this is not the raw footage, this is edited footage. I’m going to invest in some sort of video editing suite now that I have my FireWire Card. So this will have to hold you over for now. If you’ve seen the edited footage and thinking that it is pretty good…well…let’s just say that your going to be for a ride.

Link updated from ?wmv=bang to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si0IGu-rQss


Operation: Red Hat – Day 7

All is going well so far. I got all the updates. I’m having a hard time getting the whole network thing worked out. Samba is installed, and I finally figured out how to give the computer a name (I named it “Voyager”). I can even find it in my workgroup, but when I double click on it, I have to enter a username/password. I try to login as root, but it doesn’t work. I try to login as me, still doesn’t work. I’m going to keep trying.



I’m taking a course at the UW on Robo-golf. It’s really pretty cool. It’s a shortened version of 463. We do everything they do, but in only two weeks. We also don’t use/develop any wireless protcals or use/develop any visual information.


When sparklers go bad

What do you get if you tape 100 sparklers together with duct tape? Well, that’s what Peter attempted today in my backyard. Following the “advice” of Sparkley Bombs, Peter, along with myself, Quinn, Darren, Andy, and Charlie, began assembling our device.

After wrapping all the sparklers together very tightly, we proceded to the backyard to explode our new toy. With video tape rolling, Peter lit the fuse. Ten seconds later…all hell broke loose.

Upon closer inspection with the video tape, we determined that the bomb had a blast radius of about 30 feet…in all directions…including up.

The sound that it produced was enough to wake the neighbors’ baby, no suprise there. We also managed to cause several calls, although not to our house. Our backyard neighbor reported that several people had called her house asking, “What the hell are you kids doing?”

All in all, it was awsome. Within the next week or so, we all plan on aquiring more sparklers. This should be fun…

Note: video will be posted ASAP, pending the arrival of my FireWire Card