How sweet it was


Soda pop is incredible sweet. Today is Easter (Happy Easter), which also happens to mark the end of Lent. So, I drank a can of DP, it was very sweet, literally and figuritive. It was good though.

Back from vacation

I just got back lastnight from a great week in Mexico. I’m going to get my film developed very shortly, so look for some awsome pictures very shortly.

Also, today marks the T minus one week and counting mark until Easter (aka, I can drink pop again). It has been a very long and painful process, especially since I “quit” cold turkey. But I’m almost done. :yes

Long time no see…

So it’s been a little while since my last update. So here are all the things that have happened:

3.25.2003 – I had a pediatric hernia, not a hernia. This is good becuase my recovery time is cut my 2/3rds.

3.27.2003 – I went into surgery today. Had my pediatric hernia removed. Good stuff. Thanks again to all the folks at Children’s Hospital and RMC.

3.30.2003 – Registration for new users banned following the abuse of the fourms.

That’s pretty much it for now. It’s been a slow two weeks. But that’s good. I’m leaving for Mexico this Saturday, so I won’t be back for 8 days.