You may have heard already, here it is from the top:

I have a hernia.

It’s not life threatening, but it should be fixed, which it will. Mostly likely this week, or next.

In other news, I saw a rather interestig bumber sticker:

“Trust Bush, Not Saddam”

It brings up some interesting points.


I got tired of all these people chanting No Iraq War, No… Arg! It just makes be soo mad, Quinn suggested that we go take all the signs down and burn them. I want to shoot paintballs at the protesters. In any event, I’ve made some posters of my own, that support what [i]really[/i] should happen. Print ’em out and post ’em up, if you like.
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Sunday Morning, veeeeery very early

I changed the [url=]picture of the week [/url]on Friday. I’m going to try and have a new picture every week. I also added some more pictures to the picture gallery. These show what might happend [i]if[/i] Iraq won the war, which they won’t, so it’s really an excerise in futility.