Waste your CPU time, join seti@home

OK, so your not really wasting cpu time, your actually putting it to good use. This is what you do: Join the seti@home project. Download the software and register an account. Then site back and what the dopper drifts, gaussian power, and my personal favorite, fast fourier transform. My average pack took about a day and a half (33 hours) to complete on my old computer, but now they only take 10 hours tops on my new one. Sometimes less. Now if you really feeling gutsy, join the “fergcorp.com seti@home” group project. With our power combined, we may not make Captain Planet, but we just might get ET. Which brings me to another point, is the movie E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial being redundant. Becuase E.T. means Extra Terrestrial, so basicly it’s saying Extra Terrestrial: The Extra Terrestrial. Anyways, let’s go find him. Or the Klingons, which brings me to yet another joke. But I’ll save it for later. 😉

One last thing, I promise! I’m also going to make a Star Trek skin for the site, so hold on tight!


I have been a participant in this program for quite a while now. And since I’ve processed sooooo many packets (726, plus 29% in the 727th one as of writing this), I’ve posted my details online. So you too can know: [url=seti.php]How good are Andrew’s Seti@Home Stat’s?[/url]

Fixing stuff up

I changed the default skin for the site. I like this one better. I also have the “Galleries” working, so expect some pictures in the near future (read: next few hours). I also upgraded from php 4.2 to 4.3.1. So there might be some bugs. If there are, please drop me a line. Thanks!

What Halo is

Jeff Hanway sent this to me quite a few weeks back:

Halo is the best first person shooter ever made. It’s not the first, it’s not the most influential, it’s simply the best. The combination of great control, amazing story, excellent enemy AI and slick level design adds up to a truly impressive game indeed. Is it the best launch game ever for a system? It would be hard to argue with Super Mario Bros. in this category, but Halo will have you rethinking this. It will have you rethinking a lot of things. Like which console you’re going to buy this holiday season. Like whether or not you need to eat. Or sleep. Or do anything you should be doing. The single player game is a masterpiece, and the multi-player will keep you and fifteen of your closest friends warm for years to come.

Welcome !

Hello and welcome back to Andrew’s Web Site, this is version 5.0.0. There is, again, a slighly new layout. First off, I’m using a web-site template. You, the viewer, can now also have more control over what you see. So browse around! I’m still working on all the finicky details. The picture gallery doesn’t work quite yet, but it will soon. I promise. Until next time!