Ah…another day in the life of:

And another week is finally over. Tomorrow is the mid-term, so we have no school. I’m going up to the Pass to ski. I’ve updated the navigation bar so that it’s also run off of PHP and mySQL. There are still some items that are not linked. They just link back to this page for now. They should be fixed soon. I’ve also started working on my Star Trek database, which will allow you to search and cross-reference any information related to Star Trek. It’s going to be pretty big, so it won’t be online for at least 6 months. Right now, it’s on track to be completed by the end of my Senior year (that’s exactly 1.5 years plus 59 minutes from now).

MS v. Linux

So I was doing some research on Microsoft and Linux, and found that their are quite a bit of MS v. *nix (unix/linux); which is really not a supprise. But consider this: Apple has a monopoly on the Power PC platform. Have you *ever* heard of anything other Mac OS run on an Apple?? I think not. Anyways, that’s my 2 cents for today (which brings up another question: if I say a penny for your thoughts, and you give me your two cents, where does the other cent go?).

Christmas Presents:

Christmas was fun. I got a Dakine “Blade” backpack for skiing and a roller bag for traveling. I also got a wireless controller for Xbox and some other stuff. We flew out to Colorado today and we’re still here.