Latest version Released (November 12, 2010):


Blockquote Cite allows you to add easily cite references when using the blockquote tag. To add a reference, simply use the cite element and then enter the URL of site the content was quoted from. If a logo is available for that site, it will be displayed. Otherwise a text link will be used.

Compatibility (i.e. versions I test against, may work with other versions as well)

  • Requires WordPress Version: 2.0
  • Compatible up to: 2.3


Download the file and put it in your plugins directory. Activate it. There are a batch of starting images from some of the sites I quote most.

The plugin uses a rather simple, and hopefully idiot proof, way to include images. It just looks in a directory and sees if the domain name is there in the format sld.tld.png. (SLD = Second Level Domain; TLD = Top Level Domain (such as .com, .org, .net, etc).

For example: or

Not that it really matters, but I've saving all the images using Photoshop using 32 Colors, Adaptive Color reduction, No dither, no web-snap. File sizes should come out to somewhere around 1kb or less.

Thus, you can create your own PNG file and upload to the Blockquote Cite plugin directory.

When an image is available:

<blockquote cite="">Some text from a science and space article on</blockquote>

…goes to…

Some text from a science and space article on

When no image is available:

<blockquote cite="">Some text from the page</blockquote>

…goes to..

Some text from the page