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  1. A Haiti Followup

    It’s hard to believe I was in Haiti only seven months ago. It’s a weird dichotomy of feeling like time has been going both very fast and very slow, all at once. YouTube finally decided to allow uploads greater than 10 minutes, so I thought I’d share a video slide show I put together1. Click…

  2. Wow

    Amazing dancing and I love the sampled soundtrack they used.

    I’m watching it again. It’s amazing.

    via Scoble’s Link Feed via GigaOm

  3. Constantly Searching

    During high school graduation, I gave a speech. I remember having a fun time writing it. I wanted it to be my own special moment of profoundness. Whether or not I accomplished that is not for me to decide.

    Let’s take a short walk almost four ye…

  4. Best First Dance Ever

    I went to quite a few weddings this past summer (some might even call the number absurd). However, none of the first dances were as awesome as this one. Sorry guys; I love you all, but this takes the cake (pun?). Better luck next time:

  5. Information R/evolution

    This is an amazing video that helps show the issues we (as people) have with organizing things in a natively non-physical world. It’s made by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University:
    Information R/ev…