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  1. Xbox 360

    I bought an Xbox 360 today: I bought it using Internet Garage Sale, which is sort of a cross of eBay meets Craigslist in a not lame way. I swear this is not part of a quarter-life crisis or anything.

  2. End of Sony Ban

    Two years ago, I banned new devices Sony from life. As of now, the ban is over.

    It’s been an interesting two years. Justifying the ban to myself wasn’t hard, however when people would ask my opinion on a device I would have to explain to them w…

  3. I Remember: Goldeneye for N64

    I remeber playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. I think I first played during a lunch break at school in 6th grade. It was the game to play until Halo came out. I think it would be cool to make a version of the original Goldeneye for Xbox 360 with the original graphics, especially now…