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  1. Stop SOPA/PIPA

    I’ve been busy with work, but I’ve been keeping my eye on the news. Politics have always been a bit…screwy. I’m not sure if they’re getting more screwier or I’m becoming more aware of what’s going on. – maybe just more cynical. Representative Lamar Smith and Senator Patrick Leahy now joins the ranks of former…

  2. Ignorance

    I recently received an email from someone. I’m not going to say whom; and if this person happens to read my blog: I’m not trying to point you out or pick on you. Promise.

    The email essential asked me to sign an online petition to make Obama pro…

  3. Unsolved Problems

    Alright team, let’s get cracking:

    Another Wikipedia gem: a list of unsolved problems from a number of different fields, including linguistics, physics, and computer science. (via lone gunman)

    I think my favorite problem deals with the existe…

  4. Other Properties of Prussian Blue

    As told by Wikipedia:

    It is electrochromic-changing from blue to colorless upon reduction. This change is caused by reduction of the Fe(III) to Fe(II) eliminating the intervalence charge transfer that causes PB’s blue color.
    It undergoes sp…