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  1. Best First Dance Ever

    I went to quite a few weddings this past summer (some might even call the number absurd). However, none of the first dances were as awesome as this one. Sorry guys; I love you all, but this takes the cake (pun?). Better luck next time:

  2. Boston: Day Two

    The following takes place between 6ampm and 2am, Boston Local Time:

    Three hours of sleep is not near enough. Fortunately, it was race day and the adrenaline began rushing soon after the alarm went off. We were all out by 6:40am and had Colin dr…

  3. Dating Pools

    XKCD really needs to get out of my head. Two notes on this comic: A) is validates the long standing rule on minimum dating age (aka standard creepiness rule) of [(your_age/2) + 7], which I incidentally first heard on the Bryan Suits when he was st…

  4. Jason and Amy’s Wedding

    Jason and Amy’s wedding was the last wedding I was on the hook for filming for this summer and I had a pretty good system down by now. In terms of circle-of-friends, it was very similar to the Gamble Wedding. Interestingly enough, I only made it i…

  5. Karl and Bethany’s Wedding

    In short, Karl and Bethany’s wedding was pretty kick ass. Why? They had an outside wedding with impeccable weather, they had Alaskan Amber, and they had dancing. Jeff Aitken has the most wicked Michael Jackson moves. He’s really quite amazing. Mar…

  6. The Gamble Wedding

    Jesse and Kendal were married just over about two and half weeks ago. It was an awesome wedding with many memories. For those that missed it, there is a DVD of it that Kendall Snow Gamble now has. It’s pretty good if you ask me, but I may be biase…

  7. Jacqueline Is Married

    Jacqueline Passey married the man affectionately known as GK (Good Kisser) over the weekend. I met him when I was Vegas last spring and he’s a pretty cool guy.

    The best wedding quote goes to Jacqueline’s dad:

    Dad: â��I can has beer now?â�� â…

  8. When We Last Left Our Hero

    I was in Colorado

    Didn’t have a job

    Hadn’t started work

    Had only been to one wedding this summer

    One week later:

    Back in Seattle

    Have a job

    Started work

    Have been to two weddings, sorta

    So how does this…

  9. Audrey and Griffin’s Wedding

    A fantastic wedding for a fantastic bride and groom. The wedding was outdoors at The Pines at Genesse and I don’t think the weather could have been more perfect.

    Audrey and Griffin are very fortunate to have great parents and great friends;…