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  1. Trace Bundy at The Triple Door

    Jen invited a bunch of people to go see her brother-in-law, Trace Bundy, perform at the Triple Door last night. I finally decided to go see him after Jen explained that he was an engineer ((He also went to CU Boulder too!)) and that I would absolu…

  2. Dateline: Moscow, Day 7

    Moscow, Russian Federation
    9 June 2009

    I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really do anything today. Mostly because I wasn’t feeling to well. I dragged my feet in the morning, but eventually made it to breakfast and a shower.

    I packed my bags …

  3. Dateline: Moscow, Day 5

    Moscow, Russian Federation
    7 June 2009

    Today was a bit of a down day. I made a list a of the last few places that I wanted to visit. It basically boiled down to the Central Armed Forces Museum and the Cosmonaut Museum. There where some other t…