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  1. In BOSS Magazine

    I think I would categorize this under "Creative Commons Success Stories."

    I was contacted a few months ago by publication company, Alter Communications, inquiring if they could use some of my photos in an upcoming issue of BOSS magazine, a quar…

  2. Dateline: Kusadasi, Day 1 – Ephesus

    Kusadasi, Turkey
    28 June 2009

    The original plan was to take the bus to Selcuk and stay at the ANZ Guesthouse. The new plan, that Ali (from Mavi Guesthouse) gave me, was to go past Selcuk to Kusadasi. Ali (from Panorama Hotel, aka Ali II) would…

  3. Dateline: Istanbul, Day 3 – The Bath

    Istanbul, Turkey
    24 June 2009

    Having walked so much the previous day, Charlie and I decided that today would be a good day to take that boat right up the Bosphorus. After a bit of late start, we walked down to the pier in hopes of finding a bo…

  4. Dateline: Istanbul, Day 1 – A Delay

    Istanbul, Turkey
    22 June 2009

    I got up extra early this morning, around the the crack of 9am or so to find several messages from Charlie.

    I finally left the hostel just before 11 and made my way to the central train station via the metro. M…

  5. Charlie’s Airplane Excitment

    I’m meeting Charlie in Istanbul today. However, he’s had a bit of excitement on his plane ride from the States…

    6:30 PM PDT
    SO…….I am in Halifax…….we had an emergency landing for a guy who had a heart attack. Didn’t empty enough fuel…