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  1. Europe 2009…in Pummelvision

    Photojojo posted a blurb on Pummelvision last month and I’m just getting around to checking it out. All I can say is that it’s awesome: From content.photojojo.com: Ever wished you could rewind your entire life and watch it again? … Pummelvision…gives you a breathtakingly beautiful, painfully poignant, and utterly simple video summary of your life.…

  2. New Shoes (for running)

    I decided the other day that if I was really serious about this running business, I better get some dedicated running shoes. Previously, I had been using my trusty New Balance 993, a great cross training, high-mileage shoe that I actually have been and continue to use as my everyday shoe for the last several…

  3. You Are Not Eligible to Donate

    I tried to donate blood last week during a drive at work (interesting side note, Boeing pays for time spent donating blood). One of my coworkers asked me and I thought it would be a fun experience, especially since I haven’t donated in a while.

  4. Flying Home

    I’m flying home today. Right now, in fact. My plane is due to touch down in Seattle at 2:21pm local time.

    Feel free to track my progress: United Airlines flight 945 from Frankfurt to Chicago (9 hours) and United Airlines flight 929 from Chicago…