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  1. Happy and Giving Thanks

    Thanksgiving was different this year. We’ve almost always had it at my parents house in Seattle. Even over the last four years I would fly back to have Thanksgiving in Seattle. There have been two times when we haven’t had it at my parents house: …

  2. Sarah Plants

    Ben recently told me that a casual acquaintance of ours, Sarah Plants, had recently passed away due to cancer. I didn’t know her very well, but saw her quite a bit since she played Ultimate Frisbee on the UW team. Doug, her husband, also lived at …

  3. Busy

    Things have been busy around here of late. This next week will be even harder.

    AEM Exam tomorrow, Digital Logic Exam on Friday, Information Systems Exam a week from tomorrow.

    I also fly out a week from tomorrow.

    Fluids Project due on Thur…