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  1. Done with Star Trek…For Now

    33226 minutes later, I just finished the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’ve watched every single episode and movie of Star Trek ever made, in order ((order of series, not chronology release order…that just would have been too confusing)…

  2. Race For The Finish Line

    I’m 52 episodes into Star Trek: Enterprise. I have 46 episodes left to watch and only 43 days left until I graduate. And I’m planning on watching the new Star Trek movie on opening night before graduation (Facebook event: Star Trek then Graduate)….

  3. Endgame

    I finished watching the last of the Star Trek: Voyager episodes last week, which makes me 87% complete. Only 98 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and then the new movie and I’ll be done. The last episode of Voyager, Endgame, was decent. I still li…

  4. What You Leave Behind

    It’s taken about seven months to get here, but 7,920 minutes later, I’ve finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It’s kind of bitter sweet, really. DS9 was a great series. But I must press on.

    Minutes Seen: 21370
    Minutes Left: 11976