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  1. Space Moon

    If you just want to look at a pretty picture, you can stop now. If you’re curious about how this picture came about and are not afraid of some math, keep reading.

  2. Mike and Tiffany, an Engagement Photoshoot

    Photography is my hobby, not my job, so I can afford to pick and choose what I want to shoot. One of the reasons I took this job was that the prime location was to shoot from the top of the top of the Space Needle. Yes, the very top. Also, Mike and Tiffany are…

  3. Random Space Needle Fact

    The Space Needle is 184 meters tall. Despite its height, the center of gravity is only 1.5 meters about the ground.

    The earthquake stability of the Space Needle was ensured when a hole was dug 30 feet (10 m) deep and 120 feet (40 m) across. An …

  4. The Great American Beer Festival

    The Great American Beer Festival was pretty awesome.

    I’ve never seen so many different beers before in my life, and therein lies the problem. Being of the analytical sort, I was completely overwhelmed with my choices of beer. I knew I couldn’t …