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  1. In Greek legend, Icarus flew too close to the Sun, and the heat melted his wings and he fell to his death. But “melting” is a phase change which is a function of temperature, a measure of internal energy, which is the integral of incident power flux over time. His wings didn’t melt because he…

    Randall Munroe

  2. Until Randall pointed this out , it didn’t even cross my mind: the inverse1 of miles (length) per a gallon (volume) is a unit of area. Ergo, my car’s efficiency is 0.1023mm2, or roughly twice the area of a pixel on a screen.

    1. gallons per mile 

  3. Finally, An Answer

    Several years ago, I posted a problem describing a plane on a massive conveyor belt:
    Imagine a plane is sitting on a massive conveyor belt, as wide and as long as a runway. The conveyer [sic] belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the whe…