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  1. The Photo Book

    I started working on the photo book I mentioned earlier this month and it’s coming together very nicely. The current plan is to offer it as a 40-page premium paper, 10" x 8" hard cover book with dust cover. Pricing will be around $35, not includin…

  2. Canyonlands: 522.3 Miles

    It had just rained the entire night non stop and just about everything was wet.
    We quickly rolled up the tent and shoved all our stuff into the lone cargo van.
    We then proceeded to the shelter for donuts and juice.
    Nate Fihn had the rather …

  3. Canyonlands: Big Camp Fire / Hike Down

    After solo time was over we pretty much immediately started making dinner. Our group had lasagna with meat sauce. I call it "crap in a box." I also helped Saul’s group make their dinner. After dinner, we hiked back down to where we met the girls …