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  1. Art Show

    Hey peoples! Remember that whole think about me working on my portfolio that ended with my Spring 2010 Portfolio Inductions? Well, it doesn’t actually end there. The entire point of updating my portfolio was so I could exhibit my latest photography, which is what I’m doing starting this Friday! I have one 20″ x 30″…

  2. FlickrViewer for AutoViewer

    When I was creating the website for my photography endeavor, I wanted a place to show off my photos. I stumbled upon AutoViewer and thought it would be a good method for displaying my photos. However, I wanted the ease of using Flickr’s Slideshow so I could easily update my portfolio. Mark Sweeting has a…

  3. Help Me Pick Photos

    The semesterly call for art submissions is here again. This is also usually the time I try and induct photos into my portfolio. This time, however, I’d like to get your input on what you think is my best work.

    I’ve already started a list of pot…

  4. Portfolio Inductions

    I’ve added nine more photos to my portfolio:

    Left Wings
    Note: This is one image, not two

    â„–s: 483 & 984: Chuck Batchelder & Kathleen Holland

    #483: Chuck Batchelder

    Ryan’s Skating Vans

    Seattle From Alki

    Solo Red Car