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  1. Moon at 600mm

    Even now, I still love gazing at the moon. It takes light 1.3 seconds (on average) to go from the moon to me. So close, yet so far. I took this picture with The Beast.

  2. Blue Angles at Seafair

    Pictures from Seafair have arrived! I worked really hard to cut the field down with this batch. Of the 921 pictures taken, only 29 made the final cut (3.14%). The shot I really wanted was of the Blue Angles in front of Mount Rainer, I got a couple of good photos, but I want to…

  3. Shooting the Blue Angels with the Beast

    The Blue Angels are back in town! Yesterday, I got to see them take off from the flight line (one of the many job perks). Today I went out with Rachel and took pictures using the Nikon 600mm f4.0D AF-S II VR that I rented yesterday. The thing is a beast: I got some pretty…