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  1. Dateline: Istanbul, Day 1 – A Delay

    Istanbul, Turkey
    22 June 2009

    I got up extra early this morning, around the the crack of 9am or so to find several messages from Charlie.

    I finally left the hostel just before 11 and made my way to the central train station via the metro. M…

  2. Dateline: Tallinn, Day 2 – T and D

    I woke up early today, actually using my alarm clock for the first time on this entire trip, to meet a T, a good friend from work, and his wife D. T follows my blog and let me know a couple months ago that they would be on a Baltic Sea cruise abou…

  3. Random Star Trek Trivia

    …is brought to you by Wil Wheaton and Doug Gordon.

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the first movie to be featured as a promotional tie in with the McDonald’s Happy Meal.

    via Salon.com via Wil’s Link Blog