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  1. Space Moon

    If you just want to look at a pretty picture, you can stop now. If you’re curious about how this picture came about and are not afraid of some math, keep reading.

  2. Vaporizing Lake Washington

    Sometimes I wonder about interesting things, such as how much energy would it take to boil all the water of Lake Washington: The volume of Lake Washington is 2.89 km31 The average lake temperature is 9.71°C2 It takes 4.19 Joules to raise the temperature of 1g of water by 1°C: 3 The density of water…

  3. Napkin Analysis of the Sand Flea Jumping Robot

    I shared this video1 with Peter, who then asked: I saw that a couple days ago. Awesome! And has some cool practical applications. I [couldn’t] quite tell if the pitch of the robot was adjustable by the user, or of it always jumped in the same direction. Did you get a sense for that? It…

  4. Numbers

    I was home sick today and in between drifting in and out of consciousness1 in my bed, I came up with these sequences of numbers: 88642483261224_ 7535155251_ 91998188_ Can you determine which numbers comes next? I think it was some sort of sinus infection or something…massive headache, congestion, general stuffiness, sore throat, etc…pretty much felt…

  5. Solve

    I saw this the other day and I can only hope that my future wife will be able to solve this equation:

    [latex]\mathrm{Solve\ for\ i:}\ 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u)[/latex]

    via MLIA (click for solution)