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  1. Life Tips

    I’m posting this because I agree with them and because I want to remember them. I especially like number 6 (about failing), and it’s been part of my unofficial New Years Resolution to fail gracefully more. This is author Nassim Nicholas Taleb list…

  2. Unsolved Problems

    Alright team, let’s get cracking:

    Another Wikipedia gem: a list of unsolved problems from a number of different fields, including linguistics, physics, and computer science. (via lone gunman)

    I think my favorite problem deals with the existe…

  3. Quinn’s Movie List

    Quinn sent me his list of great movies a while ago (many years ago). It has resided as a page, but I’m now moving to a post.

    This is Quinn’s Movie List:

    I’ve made a list of great movies (some of them are just great comedies, not…