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  1. Return of the Neighbor

    The Lady-Downstairs has returned. Although this time she took to ringing door bells. My guess is that this was in emulation of my previous midnight ringing a few weeks back. I finally got up and answered it, although without opening the door. The …

  2. Change of Heart

    I received a letter in the mail the other day from the Jefferson County Mediation Board. The Lady-Downstairs doesn’t want to meet anymore. No word on why not. I’m guessing it has to do with: not wanting to sign the legal form (although I can’t ima…

  3. The Situation

    This is a follow up to this mornings incident. This is what the situation seems to be:

    The Lady-Downstairs is hearing noises, but can’t identify what they might be. She says it sounds like a printer. I’m upstairs going about my businesses in a …

  4. The Police

    Not the band, but me actually calling them.

    The officer almost wrote her a ticket, but instead agreed to come back on Tuesday at 3 to work things out…maybe write a ticket? He noted that the whole thing is ridiculous…which I completely agree…

  5. Mediation…or Not

    Tuesday rolled around a few days ago and, like I last reported, it was mediation time. I arrived a bit early as I didn’t want to be late. 6pm came and went and no Lady-Downstairs. It wasn’t until 6:15 that she finally showed.

    We got started.

  6. Will This Work?

    When I last left off, the lady downstairs was banging banging banging.

    Well, the next morning I walked out to check the mail and I saw that a representative from the Golden Police Department had left a business card with a note on back:


  7. FTS: Fuck This Shit

    The following will be a very vulgar rant.

    Fuck the lady downstairs! Fuck her and her demands. Fuck her and fucking broomstick! How the fuck do you go through life? No really?!? How the fuck do people talk to you? Why the fuck do you still hav…

  8. What to do About the Neighbor Below

    As I’ve previously reported here and here, the neighbor below has certain noise issues. I’ve tried to keep quite, but in order for me to be quite I pretty much have to forgo the use of my bedroom after 10pm unless I’m using it for sleeping.


  9. Random Questions


    Cigarette: Never.
    Good cry: Last spring, over school sucking.
    Library book checked out: Naked Conversations
    Movie seen: Super Troopers
    Book read: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
    Cuss word uttered: "Fuck". Potentially "shi…