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  1. CrashPlan Keeps Crashing

    I had an issue where CrashPlan kept on crashing on Mac (OSX 10.8.4). The CrashPlan launch menu bar would also fail to show, and even when I started it manually, it would only stay active for no more than about 60 seconds before crashing again. I thought the issue was related to my version of…

  2. Combination Lock

    I have a long standing desire post my school work online. There are a couple reasons for this:

    I usually work too long and too hard to just turn it in to teacher
    I believe that by posting my work, I will help others

    There is always the …

  3. It’s All About the DNS

    Domain Name Servers (DNS) might be considered the single most important aspect of the Internet, yet many people don’t know what they are and those that do probably don’t know how they work. In the end, this ends up being a good thing. But over the…