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  1. Boston: Day Two

    The following takes place between 6ampm and 2am, Boston Local Time:

    Three hours of sleep is not near enough. Fortunately, it was race day and the adrenaline began rushing soon after the alarm went off. We were all out by 6:40am and had Colin dr…

  2. Boston: Day One

    The following takes place between 1pm and 3am, Boston Local Time:

    The plan for the day was simple, go back to Jeff’s place and sleep some more. Then, get up and go to Chelmsford and check into a hotel to watch the Boston College at Notre Dame g…

  3. Boston: Day Zero

    Fall break has come (and now gone) and I elected a rather long time ago to spend my four wonderful days of in Boston (or as I like to call it, Bah-ston).

    The previous week had been a shit week, which I think is the typical feeling on Friday for…