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  1. One Year Ago: Photo Time Capsule, Part III

    The last month (of travel last year) was an interesting collection of friends from half a world away. I was with Charlie by this point (beginning of July) in Italy where we met up with his friend Andy, who’s from Germany but Charlie actually meet in Ecuador. While in Italy, we also met up with…

  2. Dateline: Bari, Day 1 – The Floor

    Bari, Italy
    5 July 2009

    (Trumpet solo, intro)

    In the park
    I think it was the Forth of July

    In the park
    I think it was the Forth of July

    People dancing
    People laughing
    A man selling ice cream
    Singing Italian …

  3. Itinerary v0.4: Turkey, Greece, and Italy

    I started writing this post with the idea that I’d meetup with Charlie in Turkey. We’d be in Turkey for about a week before going to Greece and then on to Italy before meeting up with Quinn in Switzerland on the 7th of July. Well, I got about half…

  4. Updated Itinerary

    Progess is being made! I’m calling this Itinerary v0.2. It appears that the only country that will need a visa is Russia. Thus, I’m going to going to start my travels there since it will have to be the most planned part of this trip. I talked with…

  5. Greetings from Agnone

    A really long day today with lots of traveling.

    Took a train from Florence to Rome (1.5 hours)

    Rented a car and then drove to Agnone (3 hours)

    Investigated Agnone, where my mothers, mothers, father was born.

    Learned they make world fam…

  6. Random Notes on Italy

    On English
    Italy is the first country that I’ve been to on this trip where English was not the primary language. However, it is interesting to note how many people speak English, both the local Italians and many foreigners who don’t s…