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  1. Printing Photos on Flickr

    My friend’s mom asks:
    I need some technical advice. Liz has posted her photos on Flickr…I would like to create an old-fashioned paper album/scrapbook…[but] of course, I don’t know how to download those photos so I can print them out. Could yo…

  2. Using MediaFire to Send Large Files

    Sending large files to someone can be hard. If the person I’m trying to send the files to is on the same network as I am, I usually just use AIM. If they’re not, I’ll upload the file to my server for them to download. But what if you don’t have a server? File uploading…

  3. How to Tie a Tie

    I’m putting this here mostly for my own future edification (in addition to a blog, this site serves as a permanent scratch pad for my random stuff).

    ^ This is the tie I know how to do.

    Via digg via http://www.neckties.com/knots.php