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  1. Canyonlands: Prescott, Arizona

    Zone: 12
    3821956 Northing

    364608 Easting

    Just had a nice leisurely lunch break. That was after we woke up at 5:15am
    and broke camp and left at 6am. We drove to Denny’s and finally ate breakfast
    8ish. We were back on the road a…

  2. Canyonlands: Cottonwood

    Zone: 113734237 Northing610075 Easting I woke up today at 6:17am thanks to some noisy neighboors. That and the sun rising at like 5am…and I had to use the facilities. I’m on page 42 of HGTTG. Update links to use Google Maps

  3. Canyonlands: Ontario Int’l Airport

    Zone: 113769213 Northing444868 Easting
    Flight frim Seatac to LAX was 20 mins faster due to favorable tailwinds.Checked email in LAXFlight from LAX to ONT was 20 minutes, total.
    Rest of group was delayed about 20 minutes
    Started reading "Hitch…