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  1. Calendar Invitation Email Gone Awry

    Here’s some more details on calendar email issue I noted late Monday. Just after 10pm on Monday, I attempted to migrate my calendar from Google Calendar to Fastmail Calendar1. I did this by exporting my existing calendar from Google (per https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37111?hl=en) and then re-importing it back into Fastmail using Apple’s Calendar App. During this re-importing…

  2. The Day We Fight Back

    Six months ago, primarily in light of the issues concerning the NSA’s use of what I believe to be unconstitutional searches I started the process of moving my email system (which is also the email system my family and extended family uses) away from Google Apps. Last week, I completed the technical transition to the…

  3. The Droid

    I’ve had my current phone, an LG VX8300 for over two years now. It basically does what I need it to, make and receive phone calls and text messages. But I’ve been itching for more.

    I’ve watched as the iPhone was introduced ((Original iPhone)), …

  4. Stay Up To Date on Comments

    As I work on planning my upcoming trip abroad, there’s been some great discussion and feedback in the comments. Those of you who are super-savy WordPress users might know about the sort-of-secret Comment RSS feed that you can subscribe to, however…

  5. 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist

    Google is publishing their Zeitgeist, so I thought I’d get mine done too.

    Here are the top ten search key phrases for 20071:

    countdown timer

    andrew ferguson



    wordpress countdown

    countdown timers


  6. Google Chart API

    I typically don’t blog about new Google stuff, especially APIs (application programming interfaces). However, this one is particularly cool because it allowed me to easily finish up a project that I had shelved for several months (maybe years? I’l…