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  1. Your Prerogative

    If you follow politics at all, you know that the DNC was just here in Denver. I managed to avoid most of the hoopla, expect when the English division of Al Jazeera decided to come to Golden. I’m really not quite sure what to say about this:


  2. Pushing Back Departure

    For all those interested, I don’t think I’ll be leaving Golden until Sunday morning. It just seems so abrupt to leave tomorrow morning.

    Heck, I haven’t even started packing yet.

    Pushing back my leave date will allow some more time to clean a…

  3. Red October Repairs: Conclusion

    When I left off, I had an appointment to get Red October serviced at Merrill Axle & Wheel.

    Mom happened to be in town, so she was able to come with me to play chauffeur. This made things easier and cheap.

    Unfortunately, this turned out to be…