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  1. The Wyman Engagement Photos

    The View Charlie Pondering His Future Test Shoot with Rachel Setting Up the Boat Stephanie hoisting the lights Charlie Pondering His Future, Again The Setup Surprise That View So Far, So Good Dancing to the Music What’s This? A Boat? With Christmas Carolers? In January? Will You? Three Cheers! Huzzah! See the rest of the…

  2. Space Moon

    If you just want to look at a pretty picture, you can stop now. If you’re curious about how this picture came about and are not afraid of some math, keep reading.

  3. Mike and Tiffany, an Engagement Photoshoot

    Photography is my hobby, not my job, so I can afford to pick and choose what I want to shoot. One of the reasons I took this job was that the prime location was to shoot from the top of the top of the Space Needle. Yes, the very top. Also, Mike and Tiffany are…