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  1. Computer Down: Part II

    I’ve been on the phone with Toshiba for the last 15 minutes or so (I’ve never had a more scripted conversation). My computer is still under warranty (until Oct. 2007, baby) and I can either send it in to the depot or take it to my local Toshiba re…

  2. thisBoard Hits SourceForge

    thisBoard is a project I started at the beginning of the school year as way to better keep track of finances between all the roommates in our house. I always intended to release the code about three weeks ago I decided that I needed to rewrite the…

  3. Quick Response

    DHL dropped off a letter today:
    Dear Andrew Ferguson,

    We are excited to provide you an opportunity to be part of The Boeing Company. We take innovation and teamwork to a new level….

    Awesome! Simply awesome! My internship is "contingent upon a…

  4. BURL Update

    I haven’t released any changes to BURL for three weeks, the last one change being the addition of Google Analytics tracking.

    BURL continues to get about 30-40 hits/day, not including indexing by search engines.

    Of things to note, someone has…

  5. Blogers Rights

    More Inboxen™ cleanout time. However, this is something that everyone who blogs, or is thinking about blogging, should read. As a blogger you have many rights and you probably should know about them. From BoingBoing’s EFF’s blogger’s rights …

  6. A Feed for Robert Scoble, et al

    I’ve created two new categories and hence, two new RSS feeds (well three, but only because WP insists that I do).

    The plan is to put content in the feed that I think will be of particular interest to said person. Anybody is free to subscribe to…

  7. eBooks in School

    I went into the Campus Bookstore to buy some 0.5mm pencil graphite and ended up chatting with Ann Fraley, Barnes & Nobles VP Stores for Territory 4 for the better part of 15 minutes (Full Disclosure: the CSM Campus Bookstore is operated by B&N).