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  1. Updated Itinerary

    Progess is being made! I’m calling this Itinerary v0.2. It appears that the only country that will need a visa is Russia. Thus, I’m going to going to start my travels there since it will have to be the most planned part of this trip. I talked with…

  2. What To Do? Where To Go?

    I’m still no closer to finding out where to travel or what to do for my summer travel.

    Here’s the my thought progression so far:
    Initially, I wanted to study abroad. I had narrowed it down to two universities in the UK before I decided that do…

  3. Postcrossing to France

    My second postcard sent via Postcrossing has been received in France today:

    Masha wrote back:
    hello andrew!!! how are you??

    thanks a lot for your beautiful card!! it’s so pretty!!! and you’re take this
    pic! very talented!!))

    Time send…

  4. Everyone I know is Studying Abroad!

    Not everyone. But a lot. Jeff Staples is in El Salvador. Charlie Wyman is in Ecuador. Amelie Mabbutt and Hannah Bellinger are in Spain (although not with the same group…as far as I know). Julia Masnik and David Clausen are in London (together). Jessen Myburgh is in Greece. Alison White is in New Zealand. Katherine…