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  1. Final Grades

    Grades for this semester are in. Drum roll please:

    Fluid Mechanics: B
    Digital Logic: A
    Advanced Engineering Math: B
    Information Systems: D
    Engineering Circuit Analysis: B

    GPA for this semester: 2.875
    Cumulative GPA: 2.615

    This brings…

  2. Sick and Finals

    I’m come down with a rather nasty cold (or something, crossing my fingers for cold though). It’s been really bad today and yesterday, so I’m hoping that I’m reaching the peak of this thing and will be back in full force for next week.

    Next week…

  3. Combination Lock

    I have a long standing desire post my school work online. There are a couple reasons for this:

    I usually work too long and too hard to just turn it in to teacher
    I believe that by posting my work, I will help others

    There is always the …

  4. Busy

    Things have been busy around here of late. This next week will be even harder.

    AEM Exam tomorrow, Digital Logic Exam on Friday, Information Systems Exam a week from tomorrow.

    I also fly out a week from tomorrow.

    Fluids Project due on Thur…