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  1. 24 Hours in Denver

    Jeff and Elizabeth were in Washington, DC for the week, but got stuck in made a stop in the wonderful city of Denver on their way back. Jeff asked me: 24 hours in Denver, what should we do? Here’s my quick and dirty short list of things to do in Denver. I’ve tried order it…

  2. Surprise! It’s Snow!

    We got a surprise snow on Monday that caught most people off guard. I think it only snowed an inch or so in the Denver area, but we got at least eight inches up here in the foothills (which is at least 500 feet higher in elevation).

    Nikkor 55…

  3. WordCamp Denver

    I just submitted by registration and I’ll be attending WordCamp Denver, "a conference created for enthusiasts, users, developers, designers, and fans of WordPress1."

    Critical Details:
    When: Saturday, February 28, 2009
    Where: Denver Art Mu…

  4. Dropped Off on Both Ends

    I dropped Jeff off at the airport yesterday for his flight back home to Seattle.

    This would normally not be a notable event, except that I also dropped Jeff off at the airport in Seattle on his flight here to Colorado.

    You read that right, I…