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  1. Seattle to Heathrow: Time Lapse

    On my latest flight from Seattle to Heathrow I took a stab at making a time lapse. We were scheduled to leave Seattle at 7:20pm1, so I was hoping capture the aurora borealis during the night portion of the flight since we would be flying at at a pretty high latitude, even dipping into the…

  2. Dateline: Istanbul, Day 1 – A Delay

    Istanbul, Turkey
    22 June 2009

    I got up extra early this morning, around the the crack of 9am or so to find several messages from Charlie.

    I finally left the hostel just before 11 and made my way to the central train station via the metro. M…

  3. Competition Weekend Begins

    After many hours of travel, I’m finally in San Luis Obispo. My journey actually took a rather unfortunate turn even before I left.

    As I was checking into my flight online last night, there was a message saying that my flight from Seattle to Sal…