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  1. Fail Sauce

    It’s said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Today, we found our weak link.

    LunOrediggers was the 10th pick over all to compete, however we ended up going 4th since there were less then 10 ten with entries that were competing.

  2. We’re Coming

    We went to the CalPoly campus and checked out the sandbox we’ll be racing in tomorrow; it looks to be a very formidable challenge.

    We’re still working on getting the LunOredigger ready for competition tomorrow.

    Only a few hours left though…..

  3. Competition Weekend Begins

    After many hours of travel, I’m finally in San Luis Obispo. My journey actually took a rather unfortunate turn even before I left.

    As I was checking into my flight online last night, there was a message saying that my flight from Seattle to Sal…