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  1. Numb Hand

    This post is for those of you who in the medical field, know someone in the medical field, or enjoy the medical field (even if you aren’t in it).

    Starting last Friday (about 6 days now), the back of my left hand has been numb. The feeling is ma…

  2. But Wait! There’s More!

    When we last left our hero, he was recovering from what was purported to be a case of pertussis followed by an ear infection. If you thought story ended here, you would be wrong.

    The Health Center wanted me to come back in today or tomorrow so …

  3. The Fun Continues

    I went back into the health center today because I was vomiting again (I basically cough so much/hard that I end up throwing up). They think that I might have Pertussis,which the aforementioned regimen of Azithromycin should have taken care of.

  4. Getting Better, Almost

    I’ve been sick with a nasty flu/cold/congestion for the last couple weeks or so. I’m been into the health center four times in the last three weeks now. They decided it was finally time to put me on antibiotics. So I’m on a five day course of Azit…