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  1. Stop SOPA/PIPA

    I’ve been busy with work, but I’ve been keeping my eye on the news. Politics have always been a bit…screwy. I’m not sure if they’re getting more screwier or I’m becoming more aware of what’s going on. – maybe just more cynical. Representative Lamar Smith and Senator Patrick Leahy now joins the ranks of former…

  2. More On Copyright

    My cousin Amanda ((who is, incidentally, the sister of my cousin Nick)) wants to know:

    I just finished a painting and I wanted to put it on Facebook, but I need to know about copyright stuff, if I put it on Facebook does that give the Facebook …

  3. Copyrighting Your Work

    My cousin Nick wnats to know:

    My question is about copywriting my pictures. To my knowledge every picture I make or take is copywrited just because I did it. I was wondering if putting "all images copyright john doe 2008" on the bottom of every…