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  1. Thoughts on King County’s Failed Proposition 1

    While most of the coverage for Proposition 1 read nice, there was not a lot of data shown to back it up the claims. This is frustrating because once you starting digging into the data, you find things like the fact that since 2001 operating costs per vehicle hour have increased 17%1 (when adjusted for…

  2. San Francisco Roundup

    Thanks to everyone’s suggestions (including some write-ins over email), I had a great time in San Francisco! Thursday night Matt and Marta surprised me with pickup from the airport and a late night Thai food run. On Friday, I hit up Blue Bottle Coffee and got some personal stuff taken care of. Then rode the…

  3. Dateline: Kusadasi, Day 1 – Ephesus

    Kusadasi, Turkey
    28 June 2009

    The original plan was to take the bus to Selcuk and stay at the ANZ Guesthouse. The new plan, that Ali (from Mavi Guesthouse) gave me, was to go past Selcuk to Kusadasi. Ali (from Panorama Hotel, aka Ali II) would…